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September 21, 2017

I don’t even know how many times I’ve been to Thailand.  I just love it so much!

I’ve been all over and had quite a few different trips there…being a broke backpacker, travelling with friends, couples holidays with my husband, and family trips with the parents.  And that’s what’s so great about Thailand, you can go there and have great fun no matter what your situation.

Ok, so fave spots…in the order that I first visited them:


Bangkok was my first experience of Thailand, arriving solo as a 22 year old baby.  It was pretty scary and overwhelming, but now I love it there.  The shopping is incredible, the food is incredible, and it’s a great spot to spend a few days before travelling on elsewhere.

Koh Phangan:

The backpacker party island.  I’ve been here twice, both times in groups.  The first time I went to a half moon party, the second time, a full moon party.  Although I now feel waaaaaaay too old to do either, they are definitely a fun experience, and I would 100% recommend checking one out if you are in that neck of the woods.  Koh Phangan is a beautiful island, and you really don’t need to travel far to escape the drunken parties.  On one of my trips we stayed in an amazing little bungalow in the North-East of the island.  They were right on the beach, with no electricity, and we fell asleep each night listening the waves lapping at the shore.  Incredible.

Phi Phi Island:

Like Koh Phangan, this can be a party place, or a relaxing beach holiday.  We were broke backpackers when we stayed here, and unfortunately booked beach front bungalows for $20 a night…not realizing that they were right in the middle of the nightly beach parties, so sleeping before the music turned off at 2 am was not possible!  We had a great time when we were there, but if I was to go back now, I would stay a little further away from the main town to get a bit of peace and quiet.

The tours that you can jump on here are so good…island hopping, snorkeling, visiting “The Beach” and it’s so close to Phuket and Krabi, so handy if you want to do a few stops during your stay.

Koh Tao:

The divers island.  I don’t dive, but my husband loves to.  He did his Padi qualification here, and from what I understand, this is one of the cheapest places in the world to do it.  You can’t move for dive schools, and there’s a big variety of accommodation to choose from.  I was here with Jason and a few friends and we got 3 great little one-bed villas at Sairee Beach.  We were a bit of a walk out of town, but I’d recommend that as it’s a little quieter.  The island is really small, so it’s great for exploring.  Jason is a bike rider, so we hired a dirt bike for a couple of days to explore, then ended with a little scooter just for going around the main roads between the towns.

Chang Mai:

We didn’t spend long enough in Chang Mai!  It’s got such a cool vibe, I wish that we could have spent longer here, and explored further afield.


We visited Phuket with my parents, and loved it there.  We stayed in the south, near Rawai, and it was super chilled.  We had a scooter, so it was easy to head north and explore the crazier areas.  We also did a “James Bond Island Tour” which was a great boat trip.  You start on a ferry, and then end up on kayaks, exploring the caves and islands.  So cool.

Koh Samui:

On my most recent trip to Thailand, last year, we went on a family trip to Koh Samui.  There were 8 of us (Jason & I, my parents, 2 brothers + partners).  We rented a huge 4 bed, 4 bath villa near Lamai Beach, and it was the perfect location.  The other larger towns are a bit too touristy for us, Lamai was the perfect size – enough of a nightlife to keep us happy, with a great range of bars and restaurants, without being overrun with other tourists.  While we were here we also tried out a bit of Muay Thai at Lamai Muay Thai Camp.  I so want to go back and do that for a whole trip, and have a healthy holiday!


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