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September 23, 2017

Heading from Antigua, Guatemala to the Bay Islands, Honduras took 2 very long days. From Antigua we hopped on bus to the border – which took about 8 hours. By the time we cleared border control, and got back on the bus, it was about 9pm when we arrived in Copan, Honduras. We quickly found a hostel to pass out in. Up early the next morning, we packed up and jumped on another bus – this one to San Pedro Sula, where we caught our connection to La Ceiba and somehow, magically, made it to the dock in time for the ferry out to Utila, one of the Bay Islands.

We both took a fairly instant dislike to the place. It was nothing like the Caribean paradise of Caye Caulker in Belize. It’s a much larger island, is filthy, and despite not being designed for cars, the footpaths were full of rusting old utes, motorbikes, scooters and golf carts. We almost got run over so many times! But it had taken us 2 days to get there, it would take 2 days to get out, and Jas wanted to dive – so we decided to stay for a few days and chill. The first dive shop we stayed at was called parrots and was soo cheap. Jas did 2 dives with them the following day and loved it, but unfortunately Parrots boat was broken, so there was no chance for him getting to dive the other side of the island, so after 2 nights with them, we switched and moved into Altons dive shop. This place was a bit too expensive for us, but it was sooo much better, so we ended up sticking there for 3 nights and Jas did another 2 dives with them. The best part for me was that they had a long board walk with sunbathing and hammock platforms at the end – so I had an awesome spot to chill while Jas was diving!

The best thing about Utila for me, was the beautiful sunsets. On our last night there, the hostel ran a booze cruise out around the bay at sunset. It was a great way to end our trip there. Back on dry land, 3 trainee dive masters had just finished their courses and were subjected to their final challenge – the snorkel test. They put on a snorkel mask and their trainers poured heaps of alcohol into them, which they had to drink through the snorkle. It was hilarious.

The next morning we caught the first ferry back to La Ceiba, then a bus to Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras, and the scariest, most horrible place we’ve ever been!). Tegucigalpa is an awful place, and also, it turned out the next day, a nightmare place to get out of. The bus we wanted to catch over to Nicaragua was sold out, so we ended up spending 6 hours in a bus station waiting for the next bus – which was also double the price. We didn’t really care though – we just wanted to get out of there! It turned out that our bus out of Honduras was the best part of the whole country – the bus had huge comfy seats, free food and even wifi!

Sorry Honduras…we probably won’t be back….


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