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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

September 23, 2017

We were headed to Thailand to catch up with the family and Koh Samui and had to fly through Singapore, so we decided….why not do a cheeky stop over?!

Since we were only going to be there for one night, we decided to splash out and stay at the Marina Bay Sands.

First off….it is SUPER expensive.  For the date that we were there (late January), the rooms started at just over $400 for a regular hotel room, and ranged up to $6k the fanciest suite!  We went for a premier room which was about 500 bucks.  We justified to ourselves by saying that the pool alone would be worth the money!

I had read on trip advisor that the checkin process at Marina Bay Sands could be a bit mental and time confusing, but we didn’t find that at all.  Yes, it was busy, but (for us anyway) the process seemed really organised and went nice and smoothly.  When we rocked up in the taxi, the porters came straight out, took our bags, and gave us a luggage receipt.  They then pointed us towards the check in counters where we had a pretty short wait in the queue and then headed up to our room.  The porters were just a few minutes behind us with our luggage.

Marina Bay Sands Room

Marina Bay Sands Bathroom

The room itself was nothing special, but it was a decent size and had a lovely view of the gardens.  The main thing we wanted to do was check out the incredible rooftop pool, so we threw on our bathers and headed straight up there.  Again, we were worried that it might be quite busy, but were pleased to see that there were plenty of empty sun loungers, so we got comfy.  Just before we jumped in the pool, the waitress came over and we ordered a couple of drinks.  I’m not a big cocktail fan, but I couldn’t not have one up there, so I ordered and iced-tea type of cocktail, and it was seriously good!

Drinks at the pool

The pools weren’t too busy, and the views from them were just incredible.  It was absolutely worth the price tag of the room!

Infinity Pool

Pool Views

If you can’t afford a room there, you can pay to go up to one of the viewing platforms, or book a table at one of the restaurants.  But although that will give you the chance to see the views from up there, you won’t be able to use the pools.  We did go to the viewing area in the evening for a look, and they were really busy.

We could have easily spent the whole day here in the pool, but since neither of us had been to Singapore for years, we decided to do a bit of exploring and jumped on one of the little boat tours that go up the river.  They’re kind of like hop on hop off buses, so you can jump of and go for a wander and different spots.  We went up the river in daylight, and then came back after dinner at dusk, on one of the last boats of the day.  The views from the river were great during the day, but they were spectacular at night.  The Marina Bay Sands looks particularly impressive all lit up.

Singapore at dusk

Marina Bay Sands at dusk

Marina Bay Sands at night

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