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Mexico & Belize

September 23, 2017

Flying into Cancun, Mexico, we had already decided to give Cancun itself a miss – millions of Americans + millions of resorts = hell – so we caught a bus straight down to Playa del Carmen and found a bed for the night. Playa is a pretty cool place, it’s still touristy and still has way too many Americans, but the beaches are beautiful, the beers are cheap, and the place is mega chilled.

After a few day of doing not much of anything, we headed down to Tulum, a wee town 1 hour south of Playa, which is famous for it’s beaches and it’s ruins. We lucked out here and found a cute new hotel, who’s owners decided to upgrade us from a room to a suite for no extra cost, yay! So for a couple of days we had a pretty room, a tv, a hot shower and a little courtyard with a hammock. Bliss.

From Tulum we caught a bus down to Chetumal (border of Mexico) and hung around for few hours until we could catch a boat to Belize and the island of Caye Caulker (aka our new favourite place in the world)! We arrived at Caye Caulker as it got dark, so after finding a room, we went out for food and, of course, rum. We met heaps of people straight away and ended up having a pretty crazy night, running around the various bars and clubs (of which, there aren’t many!) until around 3 am. The next day, we went off exploring and attempted to walk around the whole island. The island is pretty small, but bigger than we thought, so with the heat of the early afternoon sun, we gave up and stopped for food and beers!

The best spot on the island was a little open air bar called Lazy Lizard. It was next to a little beach with a boardwalk out in to the ocean. Very chilled, and if you like fish, you can snorkel in “the split” (where the island was divided into 2 by a previous hurricane) or drink your beers at a table out in the water. Not for me, I sunbathed on the beach instead. Jas went for a half day snorkelling trip on the 3rd day, sounded fairly terrifying to me – he saw (& was touched by) reef sharks and stingrays. Eeeeek! But he seemed to like it.

We would have loved to stay at Caye Caulker for another couple of weeks and have Christmas there, but we just couldn’t afford it, so we headed for a cheaper country – Guatemala.


Halong Bay Wedding
Halong Bay Wedding

October 8, 2017

3 days in Kuala Lumper
3 Days in Kuala Lumper

October 7, 2017

Eating In Seminyak
Eating In Seminyak

September 25, 2017


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