September 23, 2017

After Puerto Veijo, we headed over the border to Panama. This border rivalled the Nicaraguan one for craziness, as the 2 immigration offices here are separated by a narrow rickety old bridge which you have to walk across – and share with giant trucks and buses! From here we caught a bus and then a little boat over to the Bocas del Toro islands. It started absolutely pissing down on our boat over, and didn’t stop once we got to the island (this area has huge amounts of rainfall all year round, so it’s luck of the draw if you have sun or rain).

When we got there, we had to run around in the rain looking for a room and were gutted that all the hostels we had been thinking of staying in were booked out! So we ended up in a horrible place called hotel las brisas. It was very run down and at night had cockroaches everywhere! I had to go to the loo armed – wearing my flip flops and carrying one of Jas’ to squish them with – I hate cockroaches! The next morning we checked out and moved into a cute little hostel run by a German couple. All they had left was a triple room, with 3 single beds, which was more than we could afford, but it was all that we could find, so we went for it. Luckily, a couple of hours later the woman knocked on our door and said a room had become free upstairs if we wanted that – jackpot! It was a beautiful room with a little balcony with a table and chairs – and on valentines day! So we bought a bottle of wine and some ridiculously cheap steak and ate it on our balcony.

Luckily the rain stopped, so we had a great few days here, the highlight of which was a little boat trip that we took to explore the islands. So. Many. Dolphins.

From here we headed up to Panama City so that Jason could check out the Panama Canal, and we could have a few days of wandering before flying down to South America.


Halong Bay Wedding
Halong Bay Wedding

October 8, 2017

3 days in Kuala Lumper
3 Days in Kuala Lumper

October 7, 2017

Eating In Seminyak
Eating In Seminyak

September 25, 2017


Perth, Australia

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