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Eating In Seminyak

September 25, 2017

I was up in Bali back in March for 5 days with my husband, my brother and his fiancee and our parents.  The parents had never been to Bali before, so we figured Seminyak was a good place to start!  In Bali it’s often more affordable to get a villa when there’s a group of you, and the bonus is that most of them come with staff and a private pool!  We spent ages looking for one, and ended up going with the Serene Villas.  They’re located just behind the main drag of Seminyak, and we got a 3 bed, 3 bath villa, which came with a private pool, and breakfast every day.

The villa did not disappoint, and we absolutely loved it.  They also arranged an airport transfer which was really handy since we were arriving in early evening, and wanted to get to the villas as quickly as we could so that we could head out for J’s birthday!

Serene Villa

Villa Living Room

We had booked Motel Mexicola for dinner since the food is incredible, and it’s probably the most fun place to eat in Bali!  The lighting is weird, the menu is big, dancing on the tables is not only allowed, but encouraged, and the waiters come around pouring tequilla into everyone’s mouths!  So basically it was an awesome place for our first night in town!  A few highlights from the menu are:  ceviche mixto, calamares, chorizo quesadilla, al pastor tacos and cachete tacos.  I would 100% recommend checking it out, but make sure that you book in advance because it is jam packed everynight.

For the second night, we went to Mamasan, which is much classier than Motel Mexicola, and the food is just as good!  It’s an asian fusion restaurant, but Indonesian favourites like Beef Rendang, but then also has things like Peking Duck and a Thai Salad.  Unlike a lot of Bali, it also has a half decent wine list.  We ordered a big selection from the menu to try between the 6 of us, and it al came out at different times, which was great for us.  Some of the highlights were: Salt & Pepper Squid with Red Nahm Jimh, Massaman Curry and Twice Cooked Pork Ribs.  Again, it’s a popular one, so I would make a booking.

On our third night, we headed down to Kuta for some Teppanyaki.  If you’re new to Bali, you might not be used to crazy traffic jams yet, but be warned, catch a cab down to Kuta waaaay sooner than you think that you need to for dinner!  Sometime you can fly down there pretty quickly, but the evenings can get mental and take ages.  Better safe than sorry, and if you arrive early, there’s plenty of bars to park up and have a beer in until your reservation is ready!  Blue Fin Teppanyaki had been recommended to us, and it was such a fun experience.  Incase you haven’t done it before, it’s when you sit around a hot plate and the chef cooks the food in front of you, making a show of flipping the food around and doing some seriously fast chopping!  Although the food here was nothing special, everything was yummy, and the whole experience was so much fun, and we all had the best night!

I should point out that we did more in Bali than just eat loads of food!  But we didn’t do any of the regular touristy stuff, since we had done it before, and the parents were heading up to Ubud after we left, which is a better spot for exploring the island anyway.

Potato Head Cocktails

We also watched sunset from the bean bags at La Plancha, hung out at Potato Head Beach Club, trying some food and spectacular cocktails, had coffees at Ku De Ta, got way too many massages and spent hours wandering the streets and showing our parents around.

La Plancha

On our third morning in Seminyak, we had arranged for a personal trainer to come to the villa and train us four kids (the parents didn’t seem too keen :)).  It was the best idea.  We’re all pretty active back in Perth, so it was good to get a sweat on, and work off some of the food, beers and cocktails that we’d been indulging in!  It was also really affordable, $100 for all four of us for an hour.  Working out in the heat and humid of Bali is no joke, and we were all sweaty mess by the end of our session, which the PT seemed to find pretty funny!  I think this is something I’ll keep doing on future trips to Bali.  Getting a sweat on first thing in the morning made us all feel great and ready for the day.

The 5 days went waaay too quickly, but I reckon it’s a great amount of time to pop up there when you live in Perth!



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